My Goals for 2015

To keep things interesting in 2015, I've decided to set a few profesional(ish) and personal goals for the year.

I know, it's super cheesy and people usually forget about them before February, but we've been trying to use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs for short, more info here) at work, and although I'm not 100% convinced by the format, I see the importance of setting ambitious objectives for myself as well as providing an objective way to evaluate my success.

So, here goes, my objectives for this year:

  • Improve my knowledge in tech (by expanding my skill-set, improving my knowledge in certain areas and mainting my methodology for learning)
    • Complete the Principles of Reactive Programming course on Coursera
    • Make an app or a game (Android and/or iOS)
    • Complete at least 2 Spark tutorials (stretch goal)
  • Set up my personal brand online: it sounds funny, but Amber is right: * Set up [my website]( with a nice landing page * Create and host at least 2 data visualisations * Publish at least one new project on [my Github]( * Improve my reputation on [the Stack Exchange websites]( *(stretch goal)*
  • Don't forget to have fun!
    • Travel to at least 3 countries (incl. France)
    • Read at least 5 books
    • Make at least 2 short movies
    • Publish at least 20 pictures on 500px

Right, so that's it for now, of course this list is subject to change as my objectives evolve during the year, but I think these ones provide a solid base!

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