My Goals for 2016

This post has been in my draft folder for too long, it's time to sort it out and publish it! How is it already March?!

Last year, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2015... I am fairly happy with how I did last year, although I won't get into the details here; but I've reviewed them, I promise! Now, the time has come to think about what I want to achieve this year.

I've been postponing this for a while because I've just started a new job at the beginning of January, and I wasn't sure how much time I'd have on my hands to look at side projects. But regardless of free time, I still believe it is crucial to lay out these goals and keep them in mind during the year so as not to find myself, in a few years, working aimlessly "just 'cause" it's what society is telling me to do.
Don't get me wrong: I love my job, but to me, it's not a goal in itself. I want to make sure I'm working towards what makes me happy.

Things are a bit hectic at work and it's still a bit overwhelming, so I thought I'd keep my goals simple this time around. I think last year and this year marked the rise of "making" and "side projects", so I've put all my techy goals under the "side project" umbrella...

And so, here are the things I want to accomplish this year:

Side Projects
  • Complete at least 2 Raspberry Pi projects (e.g. GIF Camera Booth, Voice-controlled assistant, etc.)
    Stretch goal: build companion apps for the projects!
  • Build a couple of web endpoints with Scala whatever I fancy (EDIT from August 18th).
    Stretch goal: build a web-app (e.g. an OKR management tool).
  • Clean up the game I started last year.
    Stretch goal: Publish it somewhere.
Personal development
  • Become more fluent in Spanish
  • Finish reading Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal
  • Reach 75% score on Duolingo Spanish
  • Travels: visit at least one new country
  • Photography: take, edit & publish at least 10 pictures on 500px

Well, I guess I better get started, see ya later!

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