I just have a lot of feelings #3

Hey friends, it's been forever!
Things have been hectic in the last few months, so I haven't had time to blog for a while. Even now, I don't feel like committing to a full-blown post, so I've settled for another one of my infamous lists from the "I just have a lot of feelings" series. LET'S GO!

A whole lot of feelings

Let's start with a word on politics.
I've never been much into politics, but I have to say that has changed a bit in the last year or so. I'm shocked that someone like Trump could be the presumptive nominee for the Republican party; shocked that, in 2016, in developed countries like the US and the UK, there's still so much hate for people who are different (in their religion, gender, sexuality, country of origin, skin colour, etc.); that in matters like the EU Referendum, it's still not obvious to everyone that we are better off working with our neighbours to improve things from the inside for everyone rather than just cutting ourselves off from the world; also, shocked that so many countries talk so much about "controlling [their] borders" and "preventing migrants from coming in".

Despite the terrible result of the Brexit vote a few weeks back, here are a few people who gave me hope when I feel a bit down:

  • Samantha Bee, on the Orlando shootings
* Obama on Gun Control
* John Oliver on Brexit
* Obama and Ellen on LGBT rights

Other than that, here are a few other things I've enjoyed recently:

  • Books! I've finished Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal, rekindled my love for Miss Fisher with volume 3 in the series, and started reading Creativity Inc. (which I'm finding really interesting but quite a heavy read for me)
  • Games! I've started playing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which I've really enjoyed! If you're curious, go watch me play on my Youtube channel.
  • TV Shows! I've watched a few episodes of Twin Peaks, which is super intriguing, but I need to stop watching shows while doing something else for this one!
    I'm also really excited that Mr. Robot is back! If, like me, you can't remember everything that happened in Season 1, here's a nice little recap from Amazon:

That's it for today, have a great day!

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