A weekend in Berlin

I visited Berlin for the first time in my life last weekend; I loved it!

Victory Angel
Victory Angel - See on 500px

My favourite thing about it was how the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall are an integral part of the city, left standing and unprotected in the middle of the city.

Berlin Wall (original)Berlin Wall (original) - See on 500px

Some bits still look like what I imagine the Berlin Wall looked like back in 1989: grey and sad. Some bits bear the marks of more modern times, written and graffiti'ed on in the last few years. Finally, a 1.3km-long part of the wall was turned into an "international memorial for freedom" in 1990, when 105 paintings were painted on the east side of the Wall by artists from all over the world. It's now called the East Side Gallery.

Berlin Wall (reinvented)Berlin Wall (reinvented) - See on 500px

Apart from the East Side Gallery, I enjoyed visting Deutsches Historisches Museum and the Museum für Fotografie. I especially enjoyed an exhibition called Japanese Photography from the Meiji Period, which showcased amazing photographs from as early as the 1860s.

Although we couldn't get in and actually visit it, I also liked the Reichstag building.

Reichstag BuildingReichstag Building - See on 500px

Below is a map of the other things I did over the weekend.

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